Tuesday, August 01, 2006


To everything, turn, turn, turn;
There is a season, turn, turn turn;
And a time for ev’ry purpose, under heaven.
Turn, Turn, Turn
The Byrds, after Ecclesiastes

Welcome back to a new year! For many of us it is back to the same job, for others it is off to a new school. For some others it is a wonder when the new school will open or when you will be able to get to the new school. For AMIS it is the start of another Festival year and for the AMIS web site, it is a time for a new look.

Over the summer, we’ve been working to redesign the AMIS web site to make it easier to quickly find the information you need. To save you logging on, here’s the “new face” of AMIS. All of the Festivals are now permanently listed down the left hand side. Click on the name of the festival and the latest information will appear instead of the Berlin Honor Band and Choir finale picture.

The blue bar across the top is a link to the major sections of the web site. Once again, one click and the information appears. So in the new look AMIS web site the main section links are always there and the Festivals are always there. One drawback - any bookmarks are solely for the first page.

We’ve worked at getting all of the new information up there, including Director’s Handbooks and Hosting Handbooks for all Festi- vals. The forms are in the process of being reworked and we’re hoping that everything will be tick over nicely by the middle of September. If you are looking for a form and can’t find it or it doesn’t appear to work, please E-mail me at the address at the end of the column would hope to fix it within twenty four hours. Likewise, have a look in the AMIS Mailroom and check that your address and teaching position are correct. If they aren’t, please let me know at the E-mail address at the end of the column. If you’re not on the AMIS Mailroom and would like to be, please fill in the form either on AMIS News or the AMIS Mailroom.

So log in to www.amis-online.org.uk or amis-online.org.uk and check out the new look AMIS web site. See you next issue for more “Notes, Thoughts and Random Musings”.